About Nameshoes

Nameshoes saw the light of day, for the first time in October 2020.


When we 10 years ago, was enriched with our first born son, we got some pacifiers with names on. I have always thought it was ingenious, and if I could do something similar without someone else doing it too, I would do it right away.


I also own and run the company Nexo Denmark Aps, which primarily designs and sells watches. And when I in the autumn of 2019 decided to buy a machine, that could engrave on the back covers from watches, the thought arises that it might be used for something else. However, it must be said that I had shortly before designed a beanie series for Nexo, with a logo on a piece of leather.


It was not far from thought to action. and we started the shoe production in the fall of 2020.


Everyone who has children going to an institution. knows what a mess it can be to keep track of one’s belongings, but with personal shoes, there is no longer any doubt.


In praise, you are always welcome to write to me.


Kind Regard,

Martin & Mary


We aim to answer all inquiries within 24 hours


Nameshoes @ Nexo Denmark Aps.

Gl. Roennevej 17A

DK3730 Nexoe

Vat no: 34717869