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The following sales and delivery conditions apply to all deliveries purchased at www.Nameshoes.co.uk / www.Navnesko.dk/en  att: Nexo Denmark ApS Vat no. DK34717869.



ALL prices on www.navnesko.dk/en are stated in EUR and incl. VAT.



The order of goods can only take place from www.navnesko.dk/en – We only offer B2C from our online shop, and therefore all prices on the website including DKK VAT.All notifications between you and Navnesko.dk/en must be made by e-mail. You undertake to monitor your email after ordering, as any delays in delivery will be notified here. Agreements on the purchase of goods from the webshop are considered finally concluded when the payment transaction has been completed.We do not store the information about your order in such a way that you can later receive a copy of your order confirmation, so remember to save the one you receive at your e-mail address immediately after the agreement has been entered into. You can also choose to print the order confirmation at the conclusion of the agreement. Once you have placed an item order via our webshop, our system will automatically send you an e-mail stating which products you have ordered. You should be aware that the automatic response (via email) is NOT a legally binding order confirmation, whereby an agreement has been entered into. This is only an electronic receipt for receipt of your order. Navnehuen.dk/en, therefore has the option to cancel the order due to printing errors, technical problems, delivery failure and similar situations. We use PostNord tracked as the primary shipping method. You will receive an email and sms with tracking no. when the item is shipped.



Navnesko.dk/en uses Bambora as a payment solution. This is your guarantee of high security when you shop. Your personal card information is encrypted during the transaction. This means that you can be sure that no one else will get hold of your card number.The collection of personal information takes place for the purpose of providing a service. All personal information provided when purchasing is treated confidentially and is used only to complete trade and shipping. The information is only available to the webmaster and those responsible for processing the order.Personal information – i.e. name, address and email address – not transmitted encrypted to the company and stored in a database, not encrypted.According to the Personal Data Act, the consumer has the right to objections to and insight into Navnehuen.dk processing of the information provided. The information is stored for 5 years, as the Accounting Act requires the storage of accounting material for one of 5 years’ duration.Payment for items purchased at www.navnesko.dk/en can only be made online using Dankort, VISA / Dankort, VISA Electron, Mastercard, Maestro and JCB. We only deduct for payment of the order once it has been shipped.


We deliver world wide – we use PostNord! All shipments can be tracked via www.postnord.comWe do not offer student discounts via the webshop.Navnesko.dk/en reserves the right to sell out items, printing errors and price and tax changes. Parts of the website’s data are updated every day.


The normal delivery time for ordered items in EU is 2-5 working days if the item is in stock. However, if the ordered item is not a stock item, additional delivery time must be expected.Delivery takes place by PostNord. 

Return, exchange service & right of withdrawal

As a customer, you always have a 14-day right of withdrawal from the time of delivery.Always take extra care of the original packaging. The buyer is made aware that if the item has been impaired in value because the buyer has used it more than one can and must in a physical store, the buyer may be required to pay for the impairment. It is Navnesko.dk/en that initially determines whether the item has deteriorated and what the item can be sold for to another customer.The right of return can be initiated by rejecting the package upon receipt or by returning to Navnehuen.dk at the address below.Do not write or affix labels or anything else directly on the original packaging. Furthermore, the item must be returned free of charge for Navnesko.dk/en.Upon a return, the following happens (depending on which payment method you have used for your purchase):Account / credit card: the amount is refunded to the account to which the card belongs.The customer pays the return postage himself.In case of cancellation of purchase, the item is returned to the address below. Upon receipt of the item, the full amount of the item will be refunded.The shipping price is not refundable. We are contacted at: info@navnesko.dk



In the event of any complaint, Navnesko.dk has the right to demand an invoice copy – or a printout of the e – mail received when ordering.A 2-year right of complaint is granted after the item has been received.You must submit your complaint within a reasonable time after the defect is discovered. In the event of technical products’ 2-year right of complaint, Navnehuen.dk will either repair or exchange for a new one. If this is not possible, you will of course get the amount refunded.Batteries and straps are not guaranteed. 

Limitation of liability

Seller disclaims any responsibility for lost data and similar material, unless otherwise provided by the product liability rules or the general liability rules.We therefore strongly recommend that you always make copies, scans or the like of receipts, order copies and the like. This also applies when submitting products for repair or the like. It is expected that the buyer has a copy of all existing material on submitted products. 

Returned goods are returned to:

Navnesko.dk/en – Nameshoes.co.uk by Nexo Denmark ApS

Gl. Roennevej 17A

DK3730 Nexoe

Vat no. DK34717869

Tel. +4529605533


We aim to answer all emails within 24 hours. 


Nameshoes @ Nexo Denmark Aps.

Gl. Roennevej 17A

DK3730 Nexoe

Vat no: 34717869